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Advanced DSE Assessor Training

Have you already attended our DSE Assessor training?  Would you like to develop your skills further with our Advanced DSE Assessor training ?

Advanced DSE Assessor Training

Our outstanding one day Advanced DSE Assessor training course will give you the skills and knowledge needed to make enhanced recommendations when you’ve carried out a DSE Assessment.  Our excellent  trainer has 25 years of experience of physiotherapy and a specialism in Health Ergonomics.

The course is updated regularly ensuring the latest technology and legislation is included.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take (anthropometric) measurements when recommending a new chair.
  • Recommend specific keyboards, pointing devices and other assistive technologies.
  • Carry out specialist assessments.

 With the knowledge gained you will be able to confidently make recommendations about specialist equipment or assistive technology where appropriate.

We can tailor this course to suit your requirements. Call 0370 118 8000

Fantastic and worthwhile course!  A must for all DSE Assessors.


This course will give you the opportunity to build on your existing knowledge and skills as a DSE Risk Assessor.  On completion of this one day course you will be able to:

  • Carry out a DSE Assessment for DSE users with a range of complex needs complex needs
  • Carry out a DSE Assessment for an expectant mother
  • Identify where specialist equipment is needed using tools such as RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders
  • Take correct anthropometric measurements for an office chair
  • Make recommendations for specific equipment including assistive technology and sit stand desks.

The course is delivered using a slide presentation alongside discussion and in-depth look at a variety of real-life scenarios.

This course is suitable for anyone who has already completed a DSE Assessor training course and has also gained experience of carrying out real-life assessments who wants to build on their skills and broaden the scope of assessments they offer.

By the end of the training, delegates will be able to carry out an Advanced DSE/workstation Assessments for a DSE User with complex or additional needs. They should be able to identify any issues relating to the workstation and make appropriate recommendations in order to comply with regulations  (Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992). Furthermore, delegates will be able to carry out DSE risk assessments for pregnant members of their workforce.

  • Workstation setup
  • HSE Regulations and compliance
  • Postural problems
  • Pregnant workers
  • Workers with additional needs: dyslexia, visual impairment, hard of hearing
  • Common health issues such as ULDs, WRULDs, RSI
  • RULA assessment tool (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders
  • How to choose a chair: lumbar support, size, arms, headrest (including taking anthropometric measurements
  • Screen setup, size and position. Working with multiple screens
  • Varidesks/sit-stand desks
  • Recommending a suitable keyboard with regards to  health problems and disability
  • Recommending a suitable mouse with regards to  health problems and disability
  • Home workers
  • Mobile workers/remote workers including laptops, tablets and smartphones and using a backpack to carry equipment
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selecting equipment
  • Trialling equipment

We usually deliver this course at your place of work. We can arrange a training venue if required, please call for details.

Advanced DSE Assessor Training

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