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Anti Terrorism Training

How much risk are you taking by not having specific and rehearsed anti-terror plans in place?

Preparation should the worst happen is essential. Being able to respond in an effective way to major incidents and mitigate their impact is a decisive factor.

Prevent, Prepare and Protect

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About Your Trainer

Your training is delivered by the former Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) where he was responsible for training, accrediting, tasking and co-ordinating over 250 Counter Terrorism Security Advisers across the UK.

As one of the UK’s leading advisors in terror and Police Security Coordinator (SECCO), our trainer has  represented the UK government in a number of countries as a Counter Terrorism expert and has developed and trained many Police, Military and Business people in Counter Terrorism.

You could not be in safer hands.

anti terrorism training

Why Choose Our Anti Terrorism Training?

The anti terrorism  training course has been designed to heighten awareness of terror threats. Delivered by one of the UK’s leading authorities on terrorism, the former Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, our training is packed with practical knowledge to enhance your ability to plan for and respond to a major security incident.

Provide staff with the knowledge they need in the event of a major security alert in these high risk areas:

  • Financial institutions
  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Public Sector or Government buildings
  • Businesses operation in the central business district
  • Tourism and leisure: Hotels, tourist attractions
  • Leisure: Stadiums and arenas
  • Public transport: rail, underground and air

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About our Anti Terrorism Training

We deliver the training at your place of work. This is because you have unique knowledge: of physical layout, local knowledge, security equipment and health and safety procedures. This information is vital to your planning and preparation.


Our training, delivered by the leading security and counter terrorist experts in the UK, is highly flexible. We offer a range of options from a staff briefing to a fully immersive training experience.  Courses can be designed to meet your requirements.


Call us on 0370 118 8000 to discuss your needs and we can provide you with a personalised quote to perfectly match your needs.

Prefer Online Training?

Our PAYG Security and Terror Alerts course teaches how to be prepared and what action to take should a terror incident occur.

See here for our PAYG courses and a free, no obligation trial

“A threat level of severe means that an attack is highly likely.  The country should remain vigilant.”

Theresa May 27 May 2017

“I think the intensity and the potential frequency of serious plot planning, with a view to indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians of whatever race or colour in metropolitan areas, represents an enormous on-going risk that none of us can ignore.”

Max Hill

UK Gov. independent reviewer of terrorism legislation

Anti Terrorism Course Content

We can tailor the course to match your requirements but our Anti Terrorism Awareness courses generally contain the following:

  • The different types of terror attacks.
  • What is going to happen next?
  • Holistic approach to security: Physical, People and Cybersecurity measures.
  • Creating a security culture to protect your business.
  • Indicators of good and bad security culture and how to change to improve.
  • Planning for a crisis to save lives.
  • How to stay safe in a terrorist attack.

This course is customizable. Call 0370 118 8000 to discuss your requirements

What our clients say about us

DM Senior HR Manager, Takeda

My experience of today’s training is a very positive one,  highly recommend it.  I have come away believing I can do anything… high motivational.  Just great!



I felt the course was very comprehensive and provided some excellent suggestions for our organisation 

PW Millward Brown

Excellent training. Very informative training. Enjoyable day with an enormous amount of knowledge learned. 

Call now on 0370 118 8000 to discuss your requirements and receive a personalised quotation

Keep yourself, your family and your colleagues safe by being aware and being vigilant. The police and our security and intelligence agencies rely us to be report any suspicious behaviour.   Play your part in making the UK safer today by attending our Anti Terrorism training course.


Listen to the UK Government radio adverts below to find out more.

You’re in safe hands

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Let us have your name and email and we’ll send you our free guide “How to stay safe in a terror attack”.

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