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Assistive Technology Assessments

assistive technology for disability

Assistive Technology Assessments are one of the best ways you can accommodate the needs of your employees in order to help them work independently and thus realise their full potential at work.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine which Assistive Technology (AT) tools are appropriate for meeting the current and future needs of you or your colleague.

Our Assessors have a thorough knowledge and expertise in the range of devices and technologies that will enable anyone, regardless of their level of disability, to use their workstation independently. This will enable us to develop a package that precisely suits the individual needs.

We can also carry out many other assessments for you. See here.

Quality Assessors You Can Trust

All our Assessors have extensive knowledge of human anatomy, ergonomics and technology. You can be confident that your staff will receive a thorough and impartial assistive technology assessment alongside sound advice on technology to allow them to work independently.

We DO NOT sell accessories, furniture or chairs. Our assessments are presented to you with no ulterior motives or ‘must have’ shopping lists.

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I found this session very educating and it has shed light on many points that I had no idea could affect my health. I am now well informed on procedures to follow and ensure a healthy workspace. Helen was fantastic!


Assistive Technology Assessment : Overview


We can help you to effectively manage disability issues at work therefore enabling your employees to achieve their full potential. Assistive technology, whether it is a customized workstation, specialized software, or another type of technology, can provide assistance for  a wide range of disabilities such as:

      • Hearing loss
      • Visual impairment
      • Speech and language impairment
      • Mobility issues
      • Neurological disorders
      • Learning difficulties

The goal is to ensure the user is comfortable at their workstation and able to work to their fullest potential. If appropriate, recommendations may be made for AT products. The sort of products we might recommend include mobility aids, hearing and listening aids, ergonomic equipment, seating and positioning aids and specialist computer peripherals.

During the Assessment, we will identify where Assistive Technology might be helpful. The assessment will also assess the workplace itself with attention paid to heating, lighting and ventilation. We will evaluate your comfort levels and list any recommendations we have fro improving comfort. Where possible, we will make any necessary changes such as raising the height of a chair. Other actions that need to be taken will be fully explained in the report.

We also provide other assessments :


Standard DSE Assessments
Every employee working regularly at a workstation should have one of these. Lasting around 20 minutes, the Assessor will  assess the workstation to make sure it is set up correctly and to identify any risks.

Advanced DSE Risk Assessments
These are one to one sessions and take between forty five minutes to an hour with the employee and are mainly for those with musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, neck pain or a Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD).
The Assessor will address both the employee’s ailment and their posture.
Ergonomic items and assistive technology may be recommended to help increase that person’s comfort levels at work.

Clinical DSE Assessments

A clinical DSE Assessment carried out by one of our highly trained clinicians may be suitable for a user who:

  • Has a long history of medical intervention
  • A severe disability or impairment
  • Needs specialist equipment
  • Has a complex/multiple condition(s)

Maternity DSE Assessments
These take about 45 minutes per person and include a report with recommendations on what should be done over the two trimester periods whilst at work.

Home Worker Assessments
These can be simple home workstation assessments or more complex depending on the employee’s circumstances and/or ailment.
Our assessors will visit your employee’s home to carry out a thorough DSE Risk Assessment, which will include recommendations to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment at home.

Online DSE Self Assessments
Our very popular and easy to use online DSE Self Assessment solutions are designed to save time and money when there are many workstations and/or they are geographically spread making a traditional assessment too costly.
Our DSE Self Assessment software is designed to allow your staff to simply click on a link (sent by e mail) and complete a 15-20 minute DSE Course and subsequent DSE Assessment module. This allows HQ to manage the Assessments nationwide from a desktop.  Call 0370 118 8000 to arrange your free trial.

Fire Risk Assessments
From 1st October 2016, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that the Responsible Person in any non domestic premises carries out a fire risk assessment to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and to identify persons at risk.

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