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Online DSE Tutorial and Self-Assessment

Using our Online DSE Tutorial and Self-Assessment tool is an efficient and cost-effective way to achieve compliance across your workforce.

We provide an online DSE tutorial with accompanying self-assessment. This has been created to enable DSE users to complete a DSE awareness lesson and effectively carry out a self-assessment of their workstation. Designed to save time and money, particularly for organisations with a high number of staff.

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Online DSE training

DSE Tutorial

Train your staff to assess their own workstation. This allows your organisation to comply with legal requirements and to avoid DSE-related hazards

Online DSE Assessment

Online DSE Self-Assessment

This allows the user to identify any DSE-related hazards and thus be able to take steps to resolve the issues themselves.

Compliance Report

Compliance Reporting

Analyse and monitor DSE-related issues with our dynamic and easy to use drill down reporting feature.

1  Online DSE Tutorial

A 30 minute course to help you sit comfortably at your workstation and work safely and efficiently.

Topics include:
• How to organise a workstation to suit a users needs
• How to maintain a comfortable posture whilst sitting
• Proper keyboard and mouse techniques to minimise injury
• The benefits of varying posture throughout the day
• Eyesight policy and how to prevent eyesight strain
• Correct use of mobile devices and laptops

On completion, users will sit an online test to reinforce and assess their understanding.

2  Online DSE Assessment

Carry out a DSE self-assessment.

After completing the online course, the online DSE Assessment tool automatically loads for the user to complete. This will allow users to identify any hazards and, where possible, to resolve issues themselves. Issues that cannot be resolved are flagged for the attention of the person responsible for DSE.


Any findings are prioritised so that the most urgent hazards dealt with quickly.

Online DSE Tutorial and Self-Assessment
Online DSE Tutorial and Self-Assessment

3  Reporting

Our outstanding reporting function allows you to quickly and easily generate dynamic reports. Drill down reports give a full analysis of DSE-related  user issues.

Have access to:
• Progress reports on both DSE training courses and assessments
• An automatically generated task list detailing the appropriate actions required for every user
• Reports created by task or DSE user revealing the action needed
• A complete record of every user, their  DSE training course and assessments that they have finished
• In depth reports on the following areas: KPI, training, custom reports
• Correct use of mobile devices and laptops

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