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Stress Management for Managers

Accredited, one-day course onsite or live virtual training

Stress Management training course designed for managers and line managers.  Become a mental health supporter with our live training session and learn how to recognise, manage and avoid work-related stress in your team

CPD certification
CPD certification

Excellent trainer, session prompted interesting discussions. Easy to understand materials.

RC, Tesco Pensions Investment Ltd

Our Stress Management for Managers Course:

  • Is live, trainer-led and interactive training delivered onsite or remotely via Zoom/Skype/Teams.
  • Guides you through both proactive and reactive approaches to stress management.
  • Introduces the stress risk assessment process and stress policy writing.

Duration:  One day.

Location: Remote (Teams/Zoom) or at your place of work.

Certification:  CPD Certificate and 7 CPD points, plus Worksafe Stress Management for Managers Certificate of Course Completion

Managing Stress for Managers

Face to face training at your place of work

Or virtual training (Zoom, Teams Skype)

Open course – Teams

17  May 2022

£239 plus VAT

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Stress Management for Managers Course Overview

As a Manager, your role in preventing and managing stress in your workplace is crucial.  Our Stress Management for Managers course is designed to help you do so effectively and confidently.

Our Stress Management for Managers training course will help you recognise potential stress triggers, prevent stressful situations from arising or increasing and give you practical solutions for effectively managing stress at work.

Employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and then by acting on it. Our course introduces tools you can use to easiliy and competently carry out your stress risk assessments.

This is a one day course delivered via Teams.

We can also run the course on a date of your choice onsite at your place of work or via Zoom/Teams.

Aims of this Course

To provide employers and managers with a framework of measures which will identify and prevent problems of work-related stress and help to manage them when they do arise.

Expected Outcomes

  • Have a clear understanding of what stress is and the risk implications for employees and the organisation
  • Identify signs of stress in team members
  • Understand causes of work-related stress
  • Know the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and how to meet legal and HSE compliance responsibilities
  • Build a supportive, healthy and non-discriminatory work climate
  • Know how to encourage open discussion about stress.
  • Incorporate frameworks and practical approaches/tools that can be used to prevent stress.
  • Know and be able to implement a range of workplace adjustments.
  • Support staff dealing with high levels of stress
  • Discuss with employees and agree individual action plans
  • Support individuals who return to work after a stress related illness
  • Be able to implement a range of workplace adjustments
  • Organise and carry out effective stress risk assessments
  • Ensure your stress policy is in place

Who Should Attend?

This course is for line managers or anyone in Management, HR or H&S who has some responsibility for managing the welfare of other staff members.

Course Content

  • Stress Awareness
  • The role of the manager
  • A healthy workplace – building a positive culture at work
  • Identifying stress
  • Tackling the stigma
  • Wellness Action Plans
  • Homeworkers and lone workers
  • Encouraging people to talk
  • Responding to disclosure
  • Individual risk assessments
  • Action planning
  • Staff absence and returning to work
  • Stress risk assessment
  • HSE Management Standards
  • Your workplace stress policy

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