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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Is your workplace COVID secure?

Being COVID-secure means having adjustments in place to manage the risk from coronavirus to protect your workers, visitors and customers.

Our COVID-19 assessments always focus on practical and achievable measures you can take to ensure your premises are “COVID secure”.

The main COVID related hazard is the risk of infection with the virus. Through a COVID-19 risk assessment we can help you manage this risk by identifying what activities might cause transmission of the virus, identifying who might be at risk and the likelihood of that happening, and finally by putting measures in place to control the risk

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HSE spot checks to ensure workplaces are COVID-secure

HSE is carrying out spot checks on on all types of businesses, in all areas. This is to ensure the measures you have put in place are in line with the current guidance and that your business is COVID-secure.

If you do not have a COVID risk assessment in place, or if your risk assessment fails to put in place suitable measures to control the risk of infection, HSE may:

  • issue enforcement notices
  • stop certain work practices until they are made safe
  • prosecute where a business fails to comply

Source HM Government Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed. 24 September 2020

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COVID-19: Your responsibilities as an employer

As an employer, you have a statutory duty to provide a safe place of work and a duty of care towards anyone who may be accessing or using your place of business. During the pandemic, one of the most important steps you can do in order to achieve this is to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment.

The main COVID-19-related hazard is the risk of infection. Through a risk assessment you should be able to manage this by:

  • Identifying what activities might cause transmission of the virus
  • Identifying who might be at risk and the likelihood of that happening
  • Putting measures in place to control the risk

What can we do to help?

We can work with you to ensure your risk assessment is comprehensive and sufficient. This an be as part of a general workplace risk assessment or a discrete COVID-19 risk assessment.

Why choose us?

Our assessors are trained, qualified and experienced. Since 2002, we have provided honest and straightforward guidance for businesses to help with all aspects of their health and safety. We have thousands of happy clients, read some testimonials here.

What does a COVID-19 risk assessment include?

During the assessment, the assessor will record any hazards noted and, if necessary, provide a list of  recommended controls. We will work with you to establish a timetable of actions based on priority.

Some of the areas you will need to consider in order to  become COVID secure are:

  • Consulting with staff and/or their representatives and handling concerns about the virus
  • Giving guidance and training to staff
  • Implementing social distancing measures in your premises. Where this isn’t possible, we can give practical guidance on alternative solutions
  • Cleaning and hand hygiene controls
  • Protecting vulnerable workers
  • Procedures to take if someone falls ill
  • Dealing with a local outbreak
  • Changing existing policies to accommodate social distancing guidelines
  • People working from home
  • Ensuring you involve and communicate with workers whose protected characteristics might expose them to a different degree of risk
  • Monitoring procedure and disciplinary procedures
  • Mental health issues
  • Use of PPE
  • Working hours and staggering shifts
  • Visitors to your premises
  • Changes to your emergency procedures

After the assessment

The results of your assessment must be shared with your workforce. The government recommends all companies publish the risk assessment on their website . In fact, if you have more than 50 employees, you are required by law to do so.

You should also display a notice telling people that you have properly assessed the risks and then taken  necessary steps to mitigate those risks. For a downloadable notice from the government which you can display, follow this link Staying COVID-19 Secure.

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