Legionella Awareness Course

Legionella Awareness Course

Our Legionella Awareness Course is designed to provide delegates with solid understanding of legionella bacteria, the risks and symptoms associated with Legionnaires’ Disease, and the measures necessary for prevention.

This course can be combined with other courses if required.

Duration: 2 hours


  • Remote (Teams or Zoom)
  • At your place of work


  • Worksafe UK Certificate of Course Completion
Rated 5 Stars

“This session was very well presented and informative. It was enjoyable and has given me the confidence to apply the principles.”

LC, Queenscourt Hospice
Rated 5 Stars

“A really well-presented training session with emphasis on practical application but also the opportunity to think through overall in-house policies.”

Rated 5 Stars

“The course confirmed what I should be doing and explained each topic clearly. The practical session was good and the feedback very helpful.”

IS, Rood Lane

About This Course

Investigations into outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease around the world have consistently shown that legionella training and staff competence are critical components in any effective workplace risk reduction programme.

On our Legionella Awareness Course, delegates will learn to recognise symptoms, identify potential sources of legionella contamination and implement basic control measures.

Course Aims

This course aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease.

Specifically it will help them to understand:

  • The impact of legionella bacteria on health
  • Legionella habitats
  • The conditions that allow legionella bacteria to grow and spread
  • Your role and your employer’s role in protecting people from legionella bacteria
  • Controls needed to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease
  • The importance of risk assessment


  • Facts about legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Symptoms and health implications
  • Transmission routes
  • High risk groups
  • Legionella habitats including hot and cold water systems, spa pools, air conditioning units and cooling towers
  • The legal framework
  • Duties of employers and of employees
  • Conducting a legionella risk assessment
  • Control measures

Who Should Attend

Our Legionella Awareness Course is suitable for all staff at all levels.

Benefits to you

Legionella awareness training is important because it provides participants with the knowledge they need to identify legionella risks in the workplace.

It helps organisations fulfill their legal obligations by ensuring that staff are trained to understand and comply with regulatory requirements. By demonstrating compliance with regulations, organizations can avoid penalties and legal liabilities associated with failure to control Legionella risks.

It fosters a culture of safety  by emphasising the importance of vigilance and proactive risk management. This increased awareness encourages people to report potential hazards, participate in preventive maintenance, and take appropriate action to prevent Legionella contamination.

Arrange a Course

A private course, delivered on a date of your choice, is an excellent choice where you have a number of people to train. We can even customise the content for you.

Delivered onsite at your place of work or, where possible, via Teams.

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