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DSE Assessments

Let us carry out your DSE Assessments for you

Choose from the options below or let us have your name and email and we will send you a FREE DSE Assessment form.

We can come to your premises and carry out risk assessments on all DSE users. Average 12-14 a day.

Aimed at DSE users with ailments for example RSI, back pain or upper limb disorders or for those returning to work following an accident, illness or injury.

Using our online DSE tutorial and self-assessment tool is an efficient and cost-effective way to achieve compliance.

Our Maternity DSE Assessments help ensure the pregnant worker has a comfortable and an ergonomically sound and safe environment to work in until her maternity leave.

For DSE users who work from home to allow them to work comfortably and safely.

We can match a DSE user’s disability to the most suitable assistive technology

Assessments You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on having DSE Assessors who have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and ergonomics. You can be confident that you will receive a quality risk assessment and sound advice, impartial advice.

We do not sell any furniture or workstation add-ons and thus we are unbiased in our assessments, with no ulterior motive for making recommendations. 

What is Display Screen Equipment?

Any device with an alphanumeric display for instance a computer, laptop, notebook or touchscreen.

DSE equipment may be referred to as a workstation or VDU.

What is a DSE User?

A DSE user is someone who habitually or regularly uses DSE equipment for instance someone who uses DSE equipment for an hour or more a day.

Why do I need a DSE Assessment?

A high proportion of DSE users experience aches, pains or eye discomfort. Regular use can lead to a range of upper limb disorders such as RSI. Good practice and correct workstation setup can help prevent these injuries occurring. By taking a few simple steps, DSE users can be more comfortable and more productive.

Does my employer have to carry out a DSE assessment for me?

If you are a DSE user as defined above, the the regulations apply to you. Your employer should assess your work area to identify and reduce risk. The work area includes the desk, furniture and surrounding environment.

  • The task
  • Break from work
  • Health and safety training
  • Eye tests

I hotdesk. Do I need an assessment?

You need to ensure your workstation is setup appropriately. Instruction on how to do this is important and a checklist will help enure you are doing so correctly.

How often do I need an DSE Assessment?

  • When a new DSE users starts
  • When a new workstation is setup
  • When significant changes are made to the work area or the task
  • If a DSE user starts to experience pain or discomfort

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