Workstation Setup and Self Assessment Workshop

DSE Set-Up and Self Assessment Workshop

Designed for hybrid workers, lone workers, mobile workers and homeworkers

Ensure you have a safe and compliant workstation, any time, anywhere.

Our DSE workstation set-up and self-assessment workshop provides the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out a self assessment of your workstation.

A great solution for empowering your workforce and perfect for hybrid workers, mobile workers, agile workers, flexible workers, homeworkers and anyone who hot desks.

Includes using laptops and mobile devices.

Location: At your place of work or remotely

Duration: 2 -3 hours.

About This Course

As we enter a period of returning to work, there is a definite shift towards WFH, agile or hybrid working patterns.

Hybrid working is growing in popularity and when your workforce is WFH some of the time and in the office for the rest of the week, we are seeing some health and safety challenges emerge both in the office and in the home:

When people are working from home it is difficult to oversee how people are working and to ensure they are doing so safely.  Inadequate or poorly arranged workstations are leading to postural problems and associated aches and pains. It is often only when problems are too big to be ignored that help is sought.

Where employers have embraced hybrid working, hot-desking has become a feature of many peoples’ working life. Therefore training is particularly important for staff who “hot desk” so they have the basic understanding of how to adapt the different workstations to create a comfortable and safe place to work

In a hot-desk environment or when WFH, DSE regulations still apply and workers need to know how to check their workstations and adjust to their requirements.

Our superb workshop ensures your staff know the principles of good workstation setup and can complete their own DSE self-assessment. This will help protect them from developing musculoskeletal issues and other work-related ill health.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who works from home, those who hot-desk or anyone who regularly changes where they work will benefit from having the tools and knowledge to set up their workstation correctly wherever they are working.

Reasons To Book

  • To understand the basic legislation surrounding DSE use.
  • Learn the correct posture DSE users should always adopt when sitting at a workstation.
  • To understand the basic principles of a good workstation setup.
  • To be able to assess the suitability of their workstation and all its components.
  • Learn some common solutions for improving individual workstation set up.
  • To find solutions for working from home with limited space and other challenges.
  • Be able to complete a checklist to ensure the workstation complies with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.
  • Know when to access further advice or support.
  • All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance plus a DSE self-assessment form which can be used wherever they are working.

Arrange a Course

A private course, delivered on a date of your choice, is an excellent choice where you have a number of people to train. We can even customise the content for you.

Delivered onsite at your place of work or, where possible, via Teams.

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