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I found this session very educating and it has shed light on many points that I had no idea could affect my health. Helen was fantastic.


What to Expect

A DSE assessment is an assessment of the workstation or display screen equipment (DSE). Our DSE assessments:

  • Comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.
  • Are carried out by experienced, qualified assessors.
  • Are guaranteed 100% honest and impartial.

Our 100% impartiality promise:

  • We do not own or have any interest in any furniture or accessory firms which means we guarantee we have no ulterior motive for making recommendations.
  • None of our assessors are incentivised to recommend any products or suppliers.
  • Wherever we can, we will reuse equipment you already have which means saving you money wherever possible.

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Why Should You Book?

An assessment of your workstation is a legal requirement for all DSE users.

Our assessments are face to face. This gives you the opportunity to ask the assessor questions or voice any concerns you have about your workstation equipment.

The assessor will explain the procedure and ask if you have any existing ailments.  They will then address the following:

Posture: Advice is given on your posture and on good work practices.

Chair: The chair is adjusted to meet your physical requirements.

Display Screen: Screen height, position and suitability (eg flicker) is checked. The assessor will ensure you’re aware of brightness/contrast buttons etc.

Keyboard/Mouse: Good keyboard/mouse use and suitability is addressed.

Desk: Height, space and desk management is assessed, and advice offered.

Eyesight: Issues regarding screen text size and keyboard readability etc are assessed.

Environment: The assessor will check heating, ventilation, cabling, glare and clear access to the workstation.

Laptop: Advice on safe use and using correct accessories is given.

Benefits to You

  • Enables you to comply with UK legal requirements.
  • Addresses poor posture and poor working habits.
  • Good posture minimises the risk of disorders such as WRULDs and RSI developing
  • It boosts productivity.
  • Reduces the occurrence of staff absence.
  • Good health and safety practice demonstrates your commitment to your workforce.
  • Provides you with an audit trail.
  • Helps you defend potential Health and Safety-related claims.
  • Using Worksafe UK to carry out your DSE assessments ensures you receive the latest professional advice. It’s the easy way to achieve compliance.

For further guidance, please look at our DSE FAQs or visit the HSE website.