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DSE Assessor Training Open Course Dates

We run our regular one day DSE Assessor open course at our easily accessible venue in London. 

Our comprehensive course equips you with all the skills and knowledge you need in order to carry out DSE risk assessments at your place of work.

Choose from the forthcoming dates below.


   Location Day Date Places
    Borough, London   Tuesday   5th June 2018   3
    Borough, London   Thursday   12th July 2018   8
    Borough, London   Thursday   16th August 2018   10
    Borough, London   Thursday   13th September 2018   12
    Borough, London   Thursday   18th October 2018   12
    Borough, London   Tuesday   20th November 2018   12
    Borough, London   Thursday   13th December 2018   12

My experience of today’s training is a very positive one, I thought the group was the right size and everyone was very engaged throughout the time – I know that I was. Neil delivers the training in a very professional way and he was very clear in his communication. It was a light hearted delivery, whilst a serious subject and used a basic language so not too technical – highly recommend it. I have come away believing I can do anything…high motivational. Just great!

— Takeda

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DSE Assessor Training

DSE Assessor Open Course Overview


Our course focusses on practical assessment techniques with a range of role-playing exercises. Because there is an emphasis on practical skills, on completion of the course you will have gained the confidence necessary as well as the skills to be an effective risk assessor.

Open courses take place at our training room which is only minutes walk from both underground and mainline stations. Therefore, wherever you are, attending our course is easy.  Once you are with us, enjoy lunch and refreshments throughout your training day.

On completion of the training all delegates will receive a Worksafe certificate of attendance, a DSE assessor manual and customisable, electronic templates of DSE documents.

Furthermore, you will have unlimited access to our DSE Assessor helpline should any advice or guidance be needed at any time after the course.

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Why Choose Us?

Tick We are members of CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Tick Our course complies with the requirements of The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

Tick When only one or two people need training, our one-day DSE Assessor open course in London is the perfect solution.

Tick We have been delivering DSE assessor training since 2003 and , as a result, have thousands of fantastic testimonials.

Tick Since the afternoon session gives you the opportunity to carry out a real-life assessment, you practise your skills straight away.

Tick Most of all, our aim is to ensure you can assess with both confidence and competence.

Tick Furthermore, we give you the tools you need to start your own assessments straight away.

Course Content

All you need to know about DSE assessments is covered in the information-packed morning session.

  • Introduction to the Health & Safety at Work Act and current DSE Regulations.
  • Who needs a DSE assessment? When do they need one?
  • The DSE assessment process from beginning to end. 

The afternoon session will provide you with the opportunity to practise your skills under the supervision of an experienced assessor. This is especially useful for ensuring you develop confidence in your assessing skills. 

Throughout the course, there are practical exercises and chances to ask questions. We keep our courses highly interactive which is why clients return to us again and again.

DSE Assessor open course

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is an assessment of what could potentially cause harm to people. Carrying out risk assessments at work help employers to identify any risks and then decide if they need to be acted upon. By carrying out an effective risk assessment, employers can reduce work-related illnesses and disorders. This, in turn sees an increase in staff morale and a decrease in days lost to sickness.

A DSE assessment is a risk assessment specifically designed for the DSE (or workstation) users. That is, someone who regularly uses a display screen as a significant part of their work.

A standard DSE riskAssessment must include the whole workstation, including equipment, furniture, and work conditions.

Furthermore, its suitability for the job being done must be considered. Areas you will learn about include:

  • The correct posture
  • The chair
  • Display screen
  • The keyboard and mouse
  • Desk height and space
  • Eyesight regulations
  • The working environment: lighting, ventilation, glare, cabling, safe access and exit
  • Laptops/notepads and other mobile devices
  • Mobile workers
  • Pregnant workers
  • How to fill in DSE assessment forms for record keeping and compliance.

Call  0370 118 8000 to book a place on our DSE Assessor open course

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