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Advanced DSE Assessments

Our Advanced DSE Assessments are available across England and Scotland.

From £295 plus VAT.

Advanced DSE Assessments

Our Advanced DSE assessments are detailed DSE (workstation) assessments. They are carried out by highly qualified specialists with a clinical therapy background. These experts have knowledge and skills in both human anatomy and the application of ergonomics solutions that may be needed. 

Advanced DSE assessments are above and beyond the scope of a standard assessment. The Assessor carries out the assessment onsite at your usual workstation. A written report detailing findings follows. You will receive the  report shortly after the assessment. Any changes that need to be made and recommendations for equipment are clearly explained.


We don’t sell DSE accessories furniture or workstation add-ons. Thus we have no ulterior motive to make sales. 

Quality Assessors You Can Trust

You can be confident that you will receive a quality assessment alongside sound and impartial advice.

 You receive an unbiased report with no ulterior motives or ‘must have’ shopping lists.

We also offer other health and safety assessments to help you comply with H&S law.

I found this session very educating. It has shed light on many points that I had no idea could affect my health. I am now well informed on procedures to follow to ensure a healthy workspace. Helen was fantastic!


Who might benefit from an Advanced DSE Assessment?

Advanced DSE Assessments can be useful for a DSE user who:

  • Is returning to work following accident, illness or injury.
  • Has a condition which affects their ability to work efficiently. For instance a visual or hearing problem.
  • Has MSD.
  • Has any pain which impairs their ability to work comfortably.
  • Is an expectant mother.
  • Is a mobile worker.

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Advanced DSE Assessments : What To Expect

Firstly you will go through your medical history with our Assessor. This will include a discussion of your symptoms and how they present.

Firstly, the Assessor will assess your working environment and the suitability of the equipment being used. Then postural advice is given. Any necessary changes to equipment will be made where possible.

Finally, the Assessor will discuss areas of concern. This includes further changes and any items needed.

You will receive a full report of the assessment and its findings. This will list specific equipment, accessories and postural advice. It is written to help improve comfort levels and relieve pain.

Advanced DSE Assessments
Advanced DSE Assessments

Advanced DSE Assessments : Benefits To You

  • HSE regulations require employers to analyse workstations and minimise risks. Carrying out an Advanced DSE Assessment helps you to comply.
  • Regular assessment of your workstation can address poor posture and poor working habits. This leads to improved staff well-being and thus improved productivity.
  • Good posture minimises risk of disorders such as MSDs developing. Therefore it can improve employee attendance.
  • Good health and safety practice demonstrates your commitment to your workforce.
  • The checklist provides evidence that you follow the law. This is useful should any legal action arise.

We also offer:

Standard DSE Assessments
For all DSE users. To identify risk and ensure the workstation is set up correctly. In addition, you receive a completed checklist which lists observations and requirements.

Clinical DSE Assessments

Carried out by one of our highly trained clinicians. For a user who has a complex condition or severe disability. You will receive a report detailing recommendations and changes shortly after. Thus you can ensure a more comfortable, productive work environment. Furthermore we will source recommended equipment if required.

Maternity DSE Assessments
Carried out by an experienced assessor. You will receive a report afterwards. This will list recommendations to keep the expectant mother comfortable and safe at work. Shortly after the assessment we will send this to you.  

Assistive Technology Assessments
Carried out by highly qualified clinicians for workers with a disability. Each evaluation is based on the user’s needs. It may include communications, mobility, environmental control or computer access. You will receive a report detailing recommendations and changes shortly after. Furthermore we will source any recommended equipment if required.

Home Worker Assessments
We will visit your  home to carry out a thorough assessment. You will receive a report with recommendations and changes shortly after. Thus you can ensure a safe and comfortable work environment at home.

Online DSE Self Assessments
Easy to use online DSE tutorial and self assessment. Saves time and money when a standard assessment impractical. Available by PAYG or subscription. Call 0370 118 8000 to arrange your free trial.

Fire Risk Assessments
Our highly experienced team can carry out a fire risk assessment. This allows you to comply with current fire legislation.

Call 0370 118 8000 for more advice or to book your Advanced DSE Assessment

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