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Working From Home

Essential information and services for anyone working from home

How do I stay comfortable when working from home?

Overcome common challenges in 3 easy steps here

What is a Home Worker’s Risk Assessment?

Read our easy step by step guide to carrying out your own assessment while working from home.

I’m an employer, what do I need to consider when my staff are working from home?

To help employers, here’s a list of key points if you are new to having staff working from home.

How do I look after my mental health when I’m working from home?

If you are struggling with mental health whilst working from home there are a few things you can do for yourself which will have an immediate positive effect on the way you are feeling. Read more here.

How we can help you

In response to Covid-19 we are now offering virtual assessments by Skype or Zoom.

Home Worker Risk Assessment (includes a DSE assessment)

Read about our Home Worker Risk Assessment of your home working workspace, now available by Skype or Zoom.

Virtual DSE Assessments

Our virtual DSE assessments which enable us to help you stay comfortable wherever you are working without the need for someone visiting your home or office.

Read about our virtual DSE Assessments here, available audio-visually (Skype or Zoom).

We also offer our Advanced DSE Assessments audio-visually (Skype or Zoom)

Free Home Worker Risk Assessment Checklist

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