Numerous people have come to us asking for assistance with helping their homeworking staff stay comfortable and safe.  This is because many of you are working in extremely challenging circumstances and need very specific guidance to achieve the best working environment they can given their situation.

Here are our Top Tips For Homeworkers

We have carried out hundreds of homeworker assessments and have some simple and effective solutions for you to try.

Setting Up Your Workstation

  • Mouse and keyboard close to edge
  • Sit back in chair, use a rolled up towel for back support
  • Sit at the correct height
  • If your feet aren’t flat on the floor, use a footrest or a box to raise them
  • Your eyes should be level with or slightly higher than the top of you r screen
  • A cushion will raise your seated height

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

  • Look straight ahead – eyes in line with or just above monitor top
  • If using multiple screens, angle them towards you
  • Rest your eyes 20-20-20 (every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking 20 feet away)
  • If your feet aren’t firmly on the floor, use a footrest or a box to raise them
  • Sit back in your chair. For lumbar support, use a rolled up towel, and to increase seat height, use cushions

Creating The Right Environment

  • We spend 90% of our time indoors, make sure you keep your workspace well-ventilated by opening the windows.
  • When you are too cold, you may feel more distracted and lose some dexterity in your hands and fingers. If you are feeling cold, you may not be moving regularly enough. When you’re too warm, you can be uncomfortable and feel sleepy. Aim for between 21 and 24°C if you can
  • If you are cold, get up, move around
  • Lighten up – illuminate your work area and documents with a task lamp
  • Reduce the noise
  • Working from home can present a challenge ignoring noisy distractions. Noise cancelling headphones, quiet background music or even white noise can help minimise those distractions
  • A pleasant environment is proven to increase productivity. Use plants, flowers and artwork to personalise and enhance your workspace

Don’t Forget To Move

  • Regular movement is key
  • Get up from your chair 2-3 times an hour for 30-60 seconds or 5-10 minutes every hour
  • Add dynamic stretches to daily routines as well as walking

Look After Your Mental Health

  • Stay in touch. Don’t be isolated. Maintaining bonds with your colleagues is essential, even more so when you are working from home. So, make the effort to stay in touch with each other and be aware others might be feeling isolated too.
  • Embrace change. Accept you may need to adapt how you work to accommodate the limitations of homeworking. If you are finding you need to adapt or if you are having trouble with some of your work, speak to your manager and find out what can be done.
  • Keep a routine. This is a really effective way to keep your mental health in check. Be disciplined and get up early, be showered and dressed before you start work. It really does impact on how you feel.

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Published On: June 22nd, 2020