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Workstation Set-Up and Self Assessment Workshop

Empower your staff to set up and assess their own workstations in line with UK legislation.

Ideal for hybrid workers, agile workers, hot-desking and homeworking.

Ensure you have a safe and compliant workstation, any time, anywhere.

Our DSE workstation set-up and self-assessment workshop provides the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out a self assessment of your workstation.

A great solution for empowering your workforce and perfect for hybrid workers, mobile workers, agile workers, flexible workers, homeworkers and anyone who hot desks.

Includes using laptops and mobile devices.

Location: At your place of work.

Duration: 2 -3  hours.

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As we enter a period of returning to work, there is a definate shift towards WFH, agile or hybrid working patterns.

Flexible work is growing in popularity and, when a workforce is WFH some of the time, many offices are adopting hot-desking.  While there are many upsides to flexible working arrangements, not having a fixed workspace leads to some challenges too.

Our superb workshop ensures your staff know the principles of good workstation setup and can complete their own DSE self-assessment. This will help protect them from developing musculoskeletal issues and other work-related to ill health.

Expected Outcomes

  • To understand the basic legislation surrounding DSE use.
  • Learn the correct posture DSE users should always adopt when sitting at a workstation.
  • To understand the basic principles of a good workstation setup.
  • To be able to assess the suitability of their workstation and all its components.
  • Learn some common solutions for improving individual workstation set up.
  • To find solutions for working from home with limited space and other challenges.
  • Be able to complete a checklist to ensure the workstation complies with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.
  • Know when to access further advice or support.

All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance plus a DSE self-assessment form which can be used wherever they are working.

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