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Emergency First Aid at Work

emergency First Aid at Work

Our Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is a one day, certificated course delivered at your place of work.

The EFAW training is suitable for the first-aider in low hazard places of work such as in an office or shop with no more than 50 staff. Delegates will learn the first aid skills needed to deal with emergencies until professional help arrives.

If you need a first aider who can also apply first aid to a range of specific illnesses and injuries such as asthma, diabetes or a heart condition, or if you have a workforce of more than 50 staff, our First Aid at Work (FAW) course may be more appropriate.

Qualification: The Emergency First Aid at Work certificate is valid for 3 years.  After that, requalification is required. The HSE also recommends an annual update of first-aid skills.

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Emergency First Aid at Work Training : Benefits to You

On successful completion, all delegates will receive an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.

The Emergency First Aid at Work qualification lasts for 3 years. We will notify  you before your certificate expires meaning you can re-qualify in time.

Learn the skills and gain the confidence needed to deal with common workplace accidents and incidents.

Training takes place at your place of work which means disruption is minimised.

Learn the correct reporting of accidents which will help ensure compliance with RIDDOR.

Investing in staff training brings positive changes to the work environment.

Training up to 12 delegates at once gives great value for money.

Today’s health and safety training was a great experience. Neil’s style of teaching is really good. He engaged with the learners at all times and also had a great sense of humour. I definitely feel like I walked away with a lot of information as the session was informative but fun.

— AP, Takeda

Emergency First Aid at Work Course Overview

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 state that all employers (including those with fewer than five employees) provide ‘adequate and appropriate’ first-aid facilities, staff and equipment.

This course provides the training that is necessary for staff in order to fulfil this requirement and is relevant for personnel in low risk environments such as offices and shops.

For help assessing your workplace risks and establishing first-aid needs, please call us on 0870 118 8000.


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificate is valid for 3 years. The HSE recommends an annual update of first-aid skills.

The HSE requirements are that the training and assessment duration spans at least six hours and candidates must be present for the entire duration in order to be eligible for qualification.

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emergency first aid at work course London

Who should attend?

This course is for candidates who require an Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificate to comply with HSE requirements.  It is suitable for you if you:

  •  Are responsible for first aid in an organisation with up to 50 staff.
  •  Want to provide extra first aid support in a larger organisation.
  •  Work in an office or in a shop.
  •  Are a sports or fitness professional.
  •  Work as a Care Worker or other Health Professional.

Delegates must be fit in order to be physically able to carry out the procedures.

Delegates must attend all sessions to be eligible for assessment.

Course Aims

This course is designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

On completion, delegates  will understand the role and the responsibilities of the first aider and be able to:

  •  Carry out an assessment of an emergency
  •  Assist when a person is unconscious.
  •  Administer CPR to an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
  •  Deal swiftly with a choking incident
  •  Manage a wounded or bleeding casualty
  •  Deal with a person in shock
  •  Deal with minor injuries such as cuts and burns

Course Content

This course will cover the role and duties of the Emergency First-Aider in depth. This includes:

  •  Ensuring good communication with the casualty
  •  First aid kits and their content
  •  Avoiding cross infection
  •  How to record all accidents and incidents
  •  Assessing emergencies so that you are able act quickly, safely and effectively
  •  How to administer cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  •  Preventing a person from choking
  •  How to deal with a person who is wounded and bleeding
  •  Coping with a person in shock
  •  Dealing with minor incidents like cuts, bruises, brazes, burns, scalds and more

This course does not cover medical conditions in the workforce such as diabetes, asthma, severe allergies or heart conditions. If you have first aid requirements for these conditions, please see our 3 day First Aid at Work course.


We can deliver the training at your premises. If you prefer, we can arrange a venue for you, please call 0370 118 8000 for details.

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