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Accident Investigation Training

Learn how to carry out an accident investigation with our comprehensive one-day training course.

Accidents happen but are often avoidable. Learn how to make your workplace safer with our training course.

Our one day course will give you the skills and knowledge you need for accident investigation.

Furthermore, by identifying root causes, you can take steps to ensure further accidents are prevented.

Our course clearly explains each process that an accident investigation requires. Therefore you will be equipped with all the skills you need to improve workplace safety.

You will be able to fully appreciate the legal reasons and the financial benefits to carrying out competent accident investigation.

Accident Investigation training

We can customise this course to suit your requirements.

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The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. Our trainer was helpful and friendly, and he obviously understood the subject in detail.

— Your Centre

Course Overview
This is an excellent and information packed one day course.  The emphasis is on practical skills you can use in your workplace.

Designed for those of us who are involved in investigating the root causes of accidents at work. We deliver the core skills and knowledge needed by an accident investigator at work. Most importantly, our course helps make your workplace a safer place to be.

The course teaches a range of techniques necessary for accident investigation. Furthermore, we can incorporate your organisation’s own existing procedures. This means we can customise the course to meet your needs.

Our Accident Investigation course covers all considerations in accident investigation. Find out about the causes of accidents. Learn how to gather information and report accidents correctly. Examine the legal requirements and thus ensure your organisation’s compliance with H&S law.

The Benefits to Your Organisation

You and your organisation will gain numerous benefits from you attending this course.  Above all else, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to help make a safer work place.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents and therefore reduce associated costs, both financial and personnel.
  • Understand correct reporting procedures for accidents. This helps you comply with legislation.
  • Bring positive changes to the working environment.  Invest in staff welfare and thus improve staff morale.
  • Learn how to carry out the correct investigative procedures. This will help prevent future incidents.
  • Ensure your procedures are compliant and consistent.
  • Minimise disruption because the training is delivered at your place of work.
  • Maximise value for by training up to 12 staff at once.
Accident Investigation

Who should attend an Accident Investigation course?

People with some professional responsibility for investigation and prevention of workplace accidents. You might be a H&S Manager, HR Manager, Facilities Manager or the ‘responsible person’ will certainly find this course valuable.

You will gain a thorough understanding of accident investigation and thus take steps to help avoid accidents. Furthermore you will learn how to investigate and to manage adverse events.

And finally, you will learn how to make recommendations in order to prevent any re-occurrences.

By attending this course, you will certainly be better equipped to help your organisation meet its moral and legal obligations.

Course Aims

To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of accident prevention and accident investigation.

You will find out how to take steps to help avoid workplace accidents. You will also learn how to investigate them when they do occur. Learn how to manage adverse events and make recommendations. Therefore re-occurrences can be avoided.

Course Content

Our course will ensure you have the necessary tools and knowledge needed to comply with the relevant legislation.

Our course covers the following:

  • What is an accident?
  • Statistics relating to accidents at work
  • Why accident investigation matters: The financial and human costs of accidents
  • RIDDOR (reporting of accidents)
  • The principles of accident investigation
  • Which events should be investigated and by whom?
  • The scope and stages of an investigation
  • Information gathering
  • The accident investigation tool box.
  • Investigation and interview techniques
  • Monitoring and reviewing your workplace safety
  • Human factors: the brain and people’s behaviour
  • Organisational factors 
  • Other contributory factors


Because we can deliver this training at your premises, disruption is minimised. Furthermore, we can take look at your workplace and therefore consider your specific circumstances.

If you would like us to arrange a venue, please call us.


This is a one day course.

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