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Home Working Risk Assessment

Risk assessments for home workers carried out by our professional assessors.

Combining a DSE Assessment with an assessment of the homeworking environment.

Virtual homeworker assessments via Teams or Zoom.

Our 100% impartiality promise

  1. We do not own or have any interest in any furniture or accessory firms which means we guarantee we have no ulterior motive for making recommendations.
  2. None of our assessors are incentivised to recommend any products or suppliers.
  3. Wherever we can, we will reuse equipment you already have which means saving you money wherever possible.

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Direct Commercial

Our home working risk assessments ensure anyone  working from home can do so safely and comfortably. We now offer virtual assessments using Skype/Zoom as well as face to face.

Honest  |  Independent  |  Impartial Advice

We are not connected to any supplier of office furniture or accessories. Therefore out assessments are 100% impartial and based on your needs, not ours.

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Home working risk assessment: your responsibilities as an employer

Under UK health and safety legislation, you have a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all your staff including those working from home.

Risks in the home can differ from those in the workplace so you will need to ensure you follow a risk assessment specific to home working in order that appropriate arrangements for controlling the risks at home are put into place.

You can read more about employer responsibilities here.

What can we do to help?

By carrying out a home working risk assessment, we will identify any health and safety risks and advise how best to remedy them as far as is “reasonably practicable”.

Our home working risk assessments are in line with the HSE and ACAS guidance. Carried out by experienced and professional assessors, an assessment will look at the entire work environment.  We will advise your staff how to arrange both the work environment and working hours to minimise hazards and promote a healthy working culture.  The assessor will also address common issues arising from working alone such as stress and isolation.

Why choose us?

Our 100% impartiality guarantee

We do our utmost to help you save money.

  • Worksafe UK is a health and safety company and does not have an interest in selling office furniture or accessories. Therefore any recommendations we make are purely for the benefit of the person we are assessing.
  • Wherever we can, we will reuse equipment you already have.
  • Our assessors are not limited to recommending products from favoured manufacturers/suppliers; our recommendations are guaranteed 100% impartial.

Coronavirus Update: We are doing everything we can to ensure your continued health and safety by offering new and appropriate services applicable in these unusual circumstances. Our home worker consultations are carried out via Skype or Zoom. Call us now on 0370 118 8000 to find out how we can help you.

Your home working risk assessment will assess:

Working environment  Often spaces used for homework are not suitable. Our assessor will work with your home working employee to find out where improvements to the workplace can be made.

DSE  An assessment of the workstation is required by law for all DSE users (usually defined as anyone using a workstation regularly for their work for more than an hour a day).

Our assessor will advise on the best home office desk setup for you, making the most of the equipment you already have. We are not in the business of selling furniture and accessories and do our utmost to reuse equipment you already have.  We only make recommendations for you to buy equipment if it is absolutely necessary for you and your long term health and comfort.

Stress Many of us need some professional support during challenging times and there are common reasons why working from home can lead to a heightened levels of stress.

Our assessors are trained to provide practical advice on managing work-related stress. They can give practical solutions to help achieve better mental health and identify if further specialist help is necessary.

Emergency arrangements  First aid arrangements differ depending on work type. Our assessors can advise you what first aid provision is required.

Fire safety  The assessment will flag up fire hazards and advise on emergency arrangements that must be in place in case of a fire emergency.

Electrical safety  As an employer, you are responsible for equipment supplied to be used at home. During the assessment, guidance is given for electrical safety.

Manual handling  If there is a requirement to carry out manual handling tasks, they will be assessed and recommendations for a safe system of work given.

Lone working  Home workers are often also lone workers with their own challenges. There are measures which can be put in place so minimise the risks to lone workers. If appropriate, the assessor will discuss these during the assessment.

After the assessment

During the assessment, the assessor will record any hazards noted and, if necessary, provide a list of prioritised recommendations for suitable controls.

Shortly after the assessment you will receive a full report detailing any recommendations for action.

If you have any questions after the assessment, we are here for you. Just call or email us.

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